Gold rallies on bond-yields collapse, Brexit

Rising event risk

Commodities continued their strong ascent with broad-based gains across most sectors with the exception of industrial metals. Towards the end of another strong week, however, some profit taking…

Ole Hansen [Saxo Bank]

Risk Analysis

Crude oil now at risk of deeper correction

The commodity sector was trading close to unchanged for a second week. Weakness in energy and especially precious metals was offset by gains across the agriculture and industrial metal sectors. …

Ole Hansen [Saxo Bank]

2016 FM Global Resilience Index

Lower Oil Prices and Threat of Terrorism Impacting Global Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chain resilience is vital to robust business performance. Threats to resilience—such as depressed oil prices, natural catastrophes and the spread of terrorism—are keeping financial…

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

Metals surge despite flat macro outlook – oil…

Risk Analysis Commodity markets

Commodity markets had a strong week with broad-based gains seen across a sector that has been under siege for quite some time. The Bloomberg Commodity index rose 2.4% with metals – both precious…

Ole Hansen [Saxo Bank]

Market and Risk Analysis

Rumor & Denial: Verbal oil intervention in action

January proved to be a very volatile month for commodities and the final week was no exception, with the oil market continuing to attract most of the attention. Speculation of a so far…

Ole Hansen [Saxo Bank]

Redefining business success in a changing world

CEO's concerns about geopolitics

Two-thirds of CEOs (66%) see more threats facing their businesses today than three years ago.  Just over a quarter (27%) believe global growth will improve over the next 12 months, a decline of…

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Sustainability within Reach

Why is Environmental, Social and Governance more relevant today than it was before? What is it exactly and how can it be applied? What next thoughts and steps should be considered? The purpose of this…


Risk Analysis

From bad to worse as Iran crushes crude

The energy sector suffered its worst weekly setback since June 2011 as the imminent return of Iranian crude and milder weather in the US sent oil and natural gas sharply lower. These…

Ole Hansen [Saxo Bank]

Global Risk Map 2016

Geo-political instability causing disruption

The risk landscape for businesses is substantially changing in 2016. While businesses are less concerned about the impact of traditional industrial risks such as natural catastrophes or fire,…

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hikes

It Really Is Different This Time

Now that the US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time in nine years, investors want to know how this rate-hiking cycle might proceed and, more important, how markets will…

Erik Weisman [MFS]

RMB Index

China has sent the Yellen Fed another strong message

On Friday, China’s central bank, the PBOC, posted a brief note on its website to indicate that it would publish a new and broad measure of the renminbi exchange rate, which it dubbed the "RMB…

John J. Hardy [Saxo Bank]

Market and risk analysis

Stimulus and rate cuts a much needed lifeline for commodities

Commodities were back on the defensive for a second week running with China growth worries, a stronger dollar and high inventories of key commodities such as oil and aluminum continuing to drag…

Ole Hansen [Saxo Bank]

Market and risk analysis

China must act to avert political crisis

We've long been sceptical about the Chinese economy’s potential and our below-consensus forecasts for growth reflects these doubts. Amid the chaos now erupting in China, one thing is absolutely…

Ole Hansen [Saxo Bank]

Corporate Governance

Relationship between CG, CSR, compliance, and fiscal offence law

The relationships between corporate governance (hereinafter "CG"), corporate social responsibility (hereinafter "CSR"), compliance, tax compliance and the fiscal offence law have not yet been…

Andreas Grötsch

Market Risk Analysis

No Greater Fool

Throughout history, the "greater fool" trade has coincided with market peaks. During these periods, investors have continued to pour money into overvalued securities with little to no chance of…

Erik Weisman / Sean Cameron

Continual data management strategy

Lost in the Data Jungle

Today’s working environment is increasingly dominated by the use of mobile and social media, raising important implications for corporate data management. Mobile media is firmly integrated into…



Conflicting data sends crude oil rangebound

Commodities had a mixed week with currencies and equities providing little guidance. In Europe the economic outlook continues to improve while the showdown with Athens carries on with most…

Ole Hansen [Saxo Bank]

Bank stability

Untangling the risks of banks and governments will take more than a banking union

The European banking union raises high expectations. Its uniform prudential standards are intended to improve bank stability and boost financial market integration, and it is expected to untangle…

Claudia Buch [Deutsche Bundesbank]


Crude oil sees biggest rally in 17 years

Commodities made a strong comeback during the past week with the Bloomberg Commodity index returning 2.3%, the best weekly result in 18 months. Gains were seen across most sectors apart from…


From Denmark to China

Currency pegs around the world in focus

After  the  January 15 currency earthquake, when the Swiss National Bank suddenly walked away from the franc ceiling, currency pegs around the world have come into focus. In Europe, the effort…

John J. Hardy

Reputation risk

The risk of being labelled a covidiot

Lockdown, social distancing, shutdown, mortality rate, pandemic, patient zero, covidiot and many more. Corona is a worldwide crisis event and the word creations and words that shape this time are…

Rainer Schlötterer
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