Standards and Regulation

Safer financial system: More capital = end of financial crisesNews

Safer financial system

More capital = end of financial crises

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

The financial system now is safer than it was before the financial crisis in 2008 and that is almost entirely a result of better-capitalized banks, argued John Cochrane, Senior Fellow of Hoover…

A Positive Assessment for Reforms of Financial Market RegulationStudy

Interdisciplinary study

A Positive Assessment for Reforms of Financial Market Regulation

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

The regulatory measures following the financial crisis have made credit institutions and the German banking sector, in general, more stable. This is a result of a study by the LOEWE Centre SAFE…

A way out of the strategic zero interest trap?Comment

Credit risk management, digitalization and cost transformation

A way out of the strategic zero interest trap?

Markus Krall

The European Central Bank’s attempt to utilise all available monetary policy means to force reflation is having a significant impact on the banking industry. The flat zero interest curve is…

Compliance index model: Compliance: A matter of cultureInterview

Compliance index model

Compliance: A matter of culture

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

Compliance measures result in costs but do they also have a benefit? It's difficult to assess the success of measures. It tends to arise – if at all – after a delay and the contribution made to…

RiskNET Summit 2017: Future risk managementPhoto Gallery

RiskNET Summit 2017

Future risk management

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

Cyber hazards, sabotage, data theft, FinTechs, separatist movements, economic and geopolitical risks. The range of risks for all industries – and particularly for the financial sector – is wide…

Digitalisation, cyber security, disruptive innovations: Risks in the age of digital bank countersInterview

Digitalisation, cyber security, disruptive innovations

Risks in the age of digital bank counters

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

Digitalisation, cyber security, disruptive innovations and new business models – the banking world has a lot of issues to deal with. Traditional banks in particular are having to reconsider their…

Risk Governance: Complexity,  self-reinforcement, real time, tsunamiInterview

Risk Governance

Complexity, self-reinforcement, real time, tsunami

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

A look at current practice often reveals a dilemma in traditional risk management in companies. On the operational side of a business we find more mechanistic risk management – using standardized…

Interview with Christian Bluhm, Group Chief Risk Officer, UBS: The future belongs to stress test modelsInterview

Interview with Christian Bluhm, CRO, UBS

The future belongs to stress test models

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

A study carried out a few years ago by the RiskNET competence portal revealed a great deal of potential for optimisation in commercial risk management. More than 50 percent of around 580…

RiskNET Summit 2016: Excellence in Risk Management & CompliancePhoto Gallery

Excellence in Risk Management & Compliance

RiskNET Summit 2016

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

"Spectrum." The dictionary definition includes a "rich variety". Delegates at the RiskNET Summit 2016 at Schloss Hohenkammer on 8 and 9 November experienced the huge range of issues involved in…

Regulatory Office: Effectively managing regulatory requirementsComment

Reduce "cost of compliance"

Effectively managing regulatory requirements

Martin Rohmann

Banks are complaining about the increasing, practically unmanageable complexity of regulatory requirements, and about the huge implementation costs that institutions have to bear. However, there…