Cyber Security Trends 2023

Encryption, data exfiltration and Distributed Denial of Service attacks

Following two years of high but stable loss activity, 2023 has seen a worrying resurgence in ransomware and extortion claims as the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, Allianz Commercial…

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Quantitative Risk Assessment

Navigating the Path to Resilient Business Strategies

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, uncertainties are like uninvited guests—always present and often challenging. To not just survive but thrive in this environment, organizations need…


Creditreform Economic Briefs 

Polycrisis drags on growth recovery

In the following you will find the key take aways from the actual Economic Briefs, published by Creditreform:

  1. We expect the euro area GDP growth to decelerate to 0.5% this year, corresponding…
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Third-party risk management

Geopolitical challenges and ongoing inflationary concerns

Deloitte Global's 2023 third-party risk management (TPRM) survey explores the growing complexity of TPRM as dependence on third-parties continues to grow. The report offers insights into how…

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The importance of the right process

Improving risk workshops

Risk workshops are a collaborative and structured effort to identify and analyze potential risks that an organization may face. A risk workshop brings together stakeholders, subject-matter…

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FIRM Yearbook 2023

Risk management is becoming a key competence

How do we manage risks? In a time overshadowed by crises, the question of how to properly manage risks is omnipresent. Energy crisis, danger of a blackout, inflation risks, the great concern for…

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Perverse instantiation and reward hacking

Midas GPT: "Ethical guardian" for AI users

Tales such as that of King Midas – whose desire to turn everything into gold ultimately proved fatal – reflect a central dilemma that is becoming significantly more important in the age of advancing…

Dimitrios Geromichalos

Artificial Intelligence

If Chat GPT becomes superintelligent ...

As the field of artificial intelligence continues to advance, it is important to consider the potential risks and consequences of these developments. One such risk is the possibility of the…

Dimitrios Geromichalos

Cybersecurity resilience emerges as top priority 

Cultivating a security culture 

Cybersecurity resilience is a top priority for companies as they look to defend against a rapidly evolving threat landscape, according to the latest edition of Cisco's annual Security Outcomes…

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Scenario planning for uncertain times

Advanced Introduction to Scenario Planning

The crisis caused by COVID-19 challenged risk managers more than ever before. After all, in such a situation, it was necessary to prove whether the risk management systems in the companies and…

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Climate change becomes the number one risk

Future Risk Report describes an overheated world

The AXA Group, a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management, today released the ninth edition of its Future Risks Report. This global survey measures and ranks the evolution of…

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Munich Security Report 2022

Turning the Tide – Unlearning Helplessness

A mounting tide of crises that reinforce each other threatens to overwhelm our societies and political systems. The Munich Security Report 2022 explores the emergence of a sense of "collective…

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FMEA: AIAG-VDA standard

Probability of detection must get out of heads

Up to now, we have always used the D-assessment in the process FMEA to evaluate the ability of one or more detection actions to detect a cause or its effects in time. From our (German) point of…

Martin Werdich [FMEAplus Akademy]

A perfect risk world - or not?

Of simple stories and big risks

People love stories and simple truths. The "halo effect" has already been extensively researched in the field of behavioural economics. In everyday business life in particular, this effect ensures…

Christian Glaser

Failure mode and effects analysis

The FMEA in medical technology industry

Safety of medical devices and risk management are two of the central demands of the legal requirements for manufacturers of medical devices in Europe. In the new EU Medical Devices Regulation…

Bernhard Lindner

Covid, Cyber, Compliance and ESG 

Top risk concerns for financial services sector

Financial institutions and their directors have to navigate a rapidly changing world, marked by new and emerging risks driven by cyber exposures based on the sector’s reliance on technology, a…

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Financial stability in the Corona crisis

Actual solvency of banks concealed   

Easing the burden on banks in the Corona crisis so that the economy remains liquid is the declared goal that the European Central Bank (ECB), as the central supervisor in the Single Supervisory…

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Risk map 2021

Covid-19 trio tops global business risks

A trio of Covid-19 related risks heads up the 10th Allianz Risk Barometer 2021, reflecting potential disruption and loss scenarios companies are facing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.…

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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

FMEA for planning police operations?

In front of the hip hop stage of the open air festival „Rheinkultur“ the atmosphere was aggressive. Various incidents, especially physical clashes between rival youths, had already occurred. When…

Stefan Kahl

Failure mode and effects analysis

The P-Diagram, a supporting tool, or the complete confusion?

The P-Diagram is frequently used when asking questions about supporting tools during the use of quality tools. In addition to the confusion about the abbreviation "P", it is often named the…

Ralf Kleideiter [FMEAplus Academy]

Understanding decision-making in risk workshops

Risk Management and Calculative Cultures

Analyzing risks in organizations often requires the collaboration of many individuals that can provide relevant insights regarding these risks. Risk workshops provide a structured process for such…

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