Defective product risk

Product recall risks growing in size and number

Samsung recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones after users reported flames and explosions caused by overheating batteries (estimated cost: $5bn+). Automaker, Toyota issued a recall on over…

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Interview with Raffael Kalisch

Crises are the best "resilience training"

Engineers refer to a resilient system if failure of one part does not lead to complete failure of all technical systems. An ecosystem is said to be resilient if it returns to its initial…

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Quo vadis Big Data?

Big Data and the world of algorithms and analyses

Big data is in fashion. Especially the economy has been calling for greater implementation of new methods of analysis for years. Some people are convinced that they can maintain an overview of…

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Opportunity and risk management

In the shadow of risks there are also opportunities

Political and social risks, economic disagreements and increasing digitalisation – with rising volumes of data to be analysed – the insurance industry has to cope with a very heavy burden. We…

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Staying in the comfort zone as a risk

More speed – less risk

Dealing with risks, making decisions, taking on leadership roles, cooperating in a team, setting objectives, showing persistence and maybe sometimes the courage to turn back – these are all…

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The success of "disruptive innovations" remains…

Digital, more digital, disruptive

In the current discussion about digitalisation, there is one term that seems to be omnipresent and dominating a lot of media reporting (see Fig. 01). According to the newspaper FAZ, it's…

Andreas Kempf | Frank Romeike

Forward-looking real time intelligence and Predictive Analysis

AI creates intelligent data

There is a lot of talk about AI or artificial intelligence. But where are we currently with the forward-looking technology and how can it make a real breakthrough? FIRM spoke to Heiner Pollert, CEO of…

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Global Risk Map

Top Business Risks Around The World in 2017

Companies worldwide are bracing themselves for a year of increased uncertainty, driven by growing concerns over political, legal and regulatory developments around the globe. That are the results…

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Country risk

Global sector risks in precarious balance

At the end of 2016, global sector trends remained mixed, including in the regions that until now have been relatively spared by the increase in risks. Over the whole year, across 12 sectors…

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RiskMap 2017

A Year of Acute Uncertainty

The central theme of the RiskMap 2017 is the challenge to globalisation and free trade and how businesses can adapt and thrive in these changing times. Donald Trump’s triumph in the United States…

RiskNET [Editor-in-chief]

Global outlook

A Danger Can Hide Another

The question that many investors are wondering is whether Donald Trump’s victory constitutes a real breach from the point of view of financial markets. Until now, the answer is NO. No one is…

Christopher Dembik

Engineering and construction projects

Defective product and quality control losses on the rise

Large engineering and construction projects have changed beyond recognition in recent decades. Whether it is an airport, a power plant or a car manufacturing complex, sites are now much larger, more…

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