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ADOGRC: All Your Needs In One GRC Platform

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ADOGRC: All Your Needs In One GRC Platform

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All Your Needs In One GRC Platform

  1. Risk Management
    Define, assess and analyse your organization's risks and controls for greater transparency, boosted efficiency and continuous improvement.
  2. Internal Control System
    Set up and monitor proper controls to achieve your targets faster and easier. Tie them to your risks and compliance requirements to benefit from an integrated view and synergies.
  3. Compliance & Policy Management
    Get ahead of incidents affecting your organization with best-in-class Compliance Management. Actively tackle your compliance risks, and satisfy rules and regulations with ease.
  4. Information Security Management System
    Protect your data – no matter the kind or source. Perform risk assessments and establish controls to safeguard the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your assets at all times.
  5. General Data Protection Regulation
    Master the challenges of establishing privacy by design and default. Leverage a risk-based approach to meet GDPR requirements. And set controls to cover all potential data breaches.
  6. Internal Revision & Audit Management
    Be audit-ready at any moment with a revision-safe change history. Plan, execute and document findings with an integrated audit lifecycle. And organize counter measures with a robust workflow.

All Your Needs In One GRC Platform

All Your Needs In One GRC Platform

Key Features Enhanced With ADOGRC

Key Features Enhanced With ADOGRC



ADOGRC Is All That & So Much More.

  • One Repository
  • Comprehensive Catalogues
  • Seamless Integration
  • Automated Workflows
  • Boosted Collaboration
  • Trends & Forecast
  • Single Platform
  • Configuration & Personalization
  • Powerful Analysis

Dive Deeper & Benefit From Our Expertise

With the "Three Lines of Defence" towards an integrated GRCGRC 7.0 makes everything you do more effortless than everIntegrated GRC and digitization with ADOGRC

Bring It All Together & Make It Yours.

Bring It All Together & Make It Yours.With our GRC suite you can:

  • Migrate from other tools with no effort
  • Connect with your existing software
  • Configure the tool to fully fit your needs


Experience The Power Of ADOGRC First-Hand



RiskNET Intensiv-Seminare

Die Intensiv-Seminare der RiskAcademy® konzentrieren sich auf Methoden und Instrumente für evolutionäre und revolutionäre Wege im Risikomanagement. Die Seminare sind modular aufgebaut und bauen inhaltlich aufeinander auf (Basis, Fortgeschrittene, Vertiefung).

Seminare & Konferenzen

Neben unseren Intensiv-Seminaren und Webinaren, die im Rahmen der RiskAcademy angeboten werden, stellen wir Ihnen hier themen- und branchennahe Veranstaltungen vor.

SARS-Cov2 / Covid-19

Covid 19 pandemic: How do you assess the adequacy of policy measures?

total votes: 1853

  • Measures not risk stratified, not evidence-based, not proportionate and possibly not constitutional:
    1514 Stimmen
  • Measures are evidence-based, proportionate and the right way:
    246 Stimmen
  • I'm not sure:
    93 Stimmen

Neues aus der RiskNET Mediathek

Rückblick und Impressionen RiskNET Summit 2020

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner, Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI), Universität Potsdam

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Günther Schmid, vormals Bundesnachrichtendienst

Dialog zwischen Harald Philipp, Mountainbike Abenteurer und Frank Romeike, Gründer des Kompetenzportals RiskNET

Interview mit Dr. Markus Krall, Vorstand Degussa und Fachbuchautor

Interview mit Dr. Ulrich Eberl, Industriephysiker, Zukunftsforscher und Wissenschaftsjournalist zum Thema "Artificial Intelligence"

Interview mit Tamara Lunger über die Gratwanderung auf den höchsten Bergen der Welt

Interview mit Dr. Jochen Felsenheimer zur volkswirtschaftlichen Risikolandkarte und zu Risiken von Zombieunternehmen

Risk Academy

The seminars of the RiskAcademy® focus on methods and instruments for evolutionary and revolutionary ways in risk management.

More Information

The newsletter RiskNEWS informs about developments in risk management, current book publications as well as events.

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