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RiskNET Advisory & Partner

Ganghoferstr. 43a
Dr. Peter Hager

RiskNET Advisory is a leading management consultancy in the field of risk management, value-oriented governance and dynamic financial analysis.

Our commitment to quality is significant to our success. In order to achieve the highest quality standards, we constantly work on the improvement of our structures and the action towards the well-being of our customers. "Making our customers successful" and "ensuring added values" are the highest priority of RiskNET Advisory. We believe that the success of our customers guarantees our own success.

Therefore, we rely on respect, tolerance, honesty, openness and integrity when facing our customers and colleagues. Among our clients are some of the largest industrial, trading and finance companies in the world. Moreover, we counsel striving medium-sized companies, leading banks and insurance companies as well as private and public institutions.

We develop tailor-made solutions for our customers and integrate workers in the projects. Doing so develops the essential acceptance, stimulates the continuous learning and improving processes and mainly makes use of the existing effective knowledge.

The RiskNET-Advisory team consists of management partners, among which the auxiliary year-long experiences can be cross-reference to a permanent enhancement of your Know-How. Thus, some of the partners are the most famous experts from their fields.

Knowledge Development

  • best practice projects
  • research projects
  • development and optimization of (risk) strategy
  • workshops on risk analysis
  • surveys and studies on risk management and corporate governance
  • coaching on supervision-regulated audits (banks and insurance companies)
  • liquidity planning and risk control
  • assessment of financial instruments and derivates
  • optimization of the concept of risk control and risk transfer

Knowledge Processing

  • investigation and analysis services in the field of risk management, value-oriented governance, supervision-regulated audits etc.
  • competence platform RiskNET (de/at/ch)
  • social networking on risk management > RiskNETwork
  • journalistic preparation (in-house business magazines, ghostwriting etc.)

Knowledge Transfer

  • RiskAcademy seminars
  • In-house seminars
  • Web-based training (Risk Academy)
  • lectureships in universities and colleges
  • consultant pool
  • organization and implementation of conferences and congresses